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Tailor-Made Amenities for a Balanced Student Experience

Superior Amenities

Mastering Academics in Comfort, Celebrating Life with Fun

Welcome to 930 NoMo, the perfect blend of style, study, and social life. We’re all about enhancing your student’s journeys beyond the classroom. It’s about creating a balanced, engaging, and productive lifestyle. Our amenities mix modern functionality and student-focused design, ensuring your academic and social worlds coexist and thrive together.

Imagine a fitness center that’s more than just gym equipment; it’s your daily dose of energy and wellness. Our study lounges are serene spots, ideal for diving deep into your studies or unwinding with a good book. The pool isn’t just a pool; it’s a social hub and a chill-out zone, perfect for those well-deserved breaks.

Community areas buzz with the energy of collaboration and friendship, and our fully-equipped business center is your go-to for project crunch times. At 930 NoMo, we’ve tailored every space to align with every facet of your student life. It’s a place where you can live, learn, and grow in a stimulating and supportive environment.

Step into 930 NoMo, where each amenity is a part of your journey to a fulfilling and balanced college experience. Let’s make these years not just memorable but genuinely transformative.